Genuine Gluten-free Products from Japan to the World


New Style of Japanese Ramen

There are five characteristics in this product as follows:

Safe:Gluten-free (verified), Natural, No-additive, No-MSG, Plant-based

Genuine:Real Traditional Japanese Ingredients, Full-traceability

Cultural:Japanese-style decent Package

Sustainable:Bamboo Box, Recycled-cotton bag, Jute bag, Recycled-paper bumper

Convenient:Ready-made Packed Gluten-free Sauces, Packed Gluten-free Noodles 

This Ramen is delivered as revolutionary and delightful package. It's easy to make it! You just need to boil a packed noodle, thin down the sauce by adding hot water then put some toppings on it, that's it. 

This supreme Gluten-free Ramen package which is easy-to-make at your home, would be the best traditional Japanese food gift for lovers or important person with safety and wellness. This gift is planned and developed with big love to feel special experience in your life!