Gluten-free & Vegan Ramen Noodle

I think you have never eaten this before.
Ramen is usually composed of wheat-based noodle and Soy-sauce which is made from fermented wheat (Surprisingly that's true). And for a soup, it's usually used animal-based broth such as chicken, pork or beef. How can we make a Ramen as Gluten-free&Vegan??

"Gluten-free & Vegan Ramen" has created as unique in the world!

I select ingredients carefully as non-additive, no-MSG, plant-based, natural. Surveying every factory and makers of ingredients, after many trials and errors, I finally succeeded in making a perfect Gluten-free products ever!


Noodles & Sauces

This Ramen Set has been provided as three servings for one package including followings: 

  •  Gluten-free noodles: 3 x  (128g each)
  •  Gluten-free Shoyu Sauce : 2 x  (55g each)
  •  Gluten-free Sesame Sauce: 1 x  (52g)
  •  Gluten-free Tonkotsu Sauce: 1 x  (50g)

Gluten-free noodles is made by Kobayashi Co., Ltd., a noodle maker in Gifu, Japan. This noodle factory is certificated by US GF certification. This noodle is made from rice flour mainly, some potato starch and corn powder as Gluten-free, plant-base, No-additive and of course delicious.

Gluten-free Shoyu Sauce is a concentrated liquid made from Tamari Soy-sauce mainly. 

Gluten-free Sesame Sauce is composed of precious Japanese Sesame paste and Sesame oil mainly. 

Gluten-free Tonkotsu Sauce is composed of delicious Soy milk and Soy Flour mainly. 

All Gluten-free sauces are originally made up several ingredients which is verified by independent institute as to enjoy with safety.


Ingredients of Sauces:  

My Gluten-free sauce is really incredible so that any other food brands might not consider to develop to use these such high-quality and expensive ingredients. I surveyed every makers/factories to develop this Shoyu-sauce and Sesame-sauce. I traveled all over Japan, from over 100 year-old traditional old store to domestic factory with well-skilled craftsman-ship, to pursuit to create natural Umami flavour for my ramen sauce. All ingredients are made and manufactured in Japan, natural, no-additive, no-MSG, Gluten-free, no-GMO and animal-free, then it turn out well to be a super-natural-incredible sauce ever!

TAMARI Soy-sauce (Minamigura Syoten): Minamigura Syouten is established in 1872. They are Soy-sauce maker in Aichi-prefecture in Japan. This soy-sauce is made by only soy and salt. Nowadays in Japan, most of soy-sauces are made from wheat-based. But originally in Japan, most of soy-sauce is made by soy and salt only. Taste is like very fruity flavoured, thick and tasty.
Soy-sauce maker "Minamigura Syouten", established in 1872 at Aichi prefecture in Japan
Mirin Sweet Sake (Kankyo Brewery): Kankyo Shuzo, locating at Aichi-prefecture in Japan, has been producing Mirin and Japanese Sake since 1862. This Mirin is mainly from glucose from glutinous rice (Sticky rice) only, without additives and non-organic materials. Taste is like generous sweet with deep UMAMI in it.
Mirin Sweet Sake maker "Kankyo Shuzo", locating at Aichi-prefecture in Japan since 1862.
Rape-seed Oil (Murayama Oil Factory): This oil is made from natural & organic Japanese national rape-seed made by authentic compression process. This contains Non-toxic, natural flavoured, healthy, rich Omega-six and tasty seed oil.
Rape-seed Oil, produced by Murayama Oil Factory, is made by authentic compression process in Kagoshima.

Sesame Oil (Namura Sugar Factory):  This sesame used in this paste all came from this Kikai island, very south in Japan. This product is made from carefully domestic sesame in Japan.  You have never had this rich taste and full-bodied flavour ever!

Natural Ocean Salt (Flower of Ocean Co., Ltd.): This is made from deep seawater under over 200m below at Ohshima island, south of Tokyo, Japan. This deep-seawater is purified slowly by heated steam-can. This salt looks like a snow flower, soft, puffy and tastes naturally of cause. Rich magnesium contains in it.

Natural Ocean Salt is made from deep seawater under over 200m below at Ohshima island in Tokyo
Cane Brown Sugar (Namura Sugar Factory): It made by “Namura Sugar Factory” in Kikai island, Kagoshima, Japan. This place, located in very south in Japan, has rich nature. Cane sugar is much better than white sugar for your health.
Cane Brown Sugar is made by “Namura Sugar Factory” in Kikai island, Kagoshima, Japan

Vege-broth (Whole-food Association): Gluten-free and Vegan vege-stock. This product consist from natural vegetables grown in Japan. This contains NO-MSG and additive-free. Very tasty and rich Umami in it.

Natural Sesame Paste (Namura Sugar Factory): This sesame used in this paste all came from this Kikai island, very south in Japan. Domestic one is produced just 0.1% in Japan, very scarce and precious.This has rich and deep flavour.

Shiitake Mushroom Powder (Sugimoto Co., Ltd.): This product is made in Takachiho, Miyazaki. 100% natural and forest-grown mushroom is hand-made, organic, no chemical at all.
100% natural and forest-grown mushroom is made in Takachiho, Miyazaki.



Packaging materials are carefully thought to use for the sake of low impact to environmental load.

Bamboo Box: Eco-friendly natural-made bamboo gift box will contribute to defend environment of forest.

Recycled-cotton bag: Cotton bag is made from recycled one which fits to use as bag-in-bag for your daily life.

Jute bag: Jute bag, rough fibre made from the stems of a tropical Old World plant, natural-made, could be your accessory case as a way of secondary use.

Recycled-paper bumper: Recycled-paper is used as cover inside the gift and as a bumper for packing in the delivery-box for reducing environmental load.

    Images of sustainable packages



    All contents are carefully verified as Gluten-free by independent institution in Germany for with safe situation and enjoyable moment. Gluten-free noodle, Shoyu-sauce and Sesame-sauce all contains under 10PPM verified. That proof of verification report is attached as a part of this gift.

    In addition, noodles and sauces are all fully packed/sealed as a pouch, so you can preserve it for six months at normal temperature after production with safety and tasty.

    Sample images of "Gluten-free Verification Report"



    Gluten-free Ramen Noodle:
    White Rice Flour, Potate Starch, Corn Powder, Vinegar (Contains: Corn)

    Gluten-free Shoy (Soy-sauce) Sauce:
    Soy Sauce (GF), Rape-seed Oil, Sweet Sake, Vege-broth Powder, Cane Sugar, Dried Shiitake Mushroom Powder, Kombu Soupstock, Sea salt (Contains: Soy)

    Gluten-free Sesame Sauce:
    Soy Sauce (GF), Sesame Paste, Sesame Oil, Sweet Sake, Vege-broth Powder, Cane Sugar, Dried Shiitake Mushroom Powder, Kombu Soupstock, Sea salt (Contains: Soy, Sesame)

    Gluten-free Tonkotsu Sauce:
    Low-fat Soy Milk, Rape-seed Oil, Vege-broth Powder, Soy Powder, Soy Sauce (GF), Sea salt, Sweet Sake, Cane Sugar, Dried Shiitake Mushroom Powder, Galic Powder, Ginger Powder (Contains: Soy)